Saturday, September 1, 2012

DA: Jail Time and Probation for Man Convicted of Animal Cruelty - KTXL


A man who was convicted on animal cruelty charges was sentenced to a year of jail time and five years of probation, the Sacramento County DA’s office announced Friday.

Phillip “Mohammed” Jackson was said by prosecutors to have inadvertently dragged his dog after thinking he had her tethered and contained to the back of his truck.

Instead, the dog was dragged far enough, prosecutors said, for her to have sustained deep wounds that exposed tissue, tendons and bones.

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The dog, named “Lovely,” was still alive after the dragging. But Jackson was alleged to have refused to take Lovely to the vet. Jackson then left the dog at a friend’s house.

When Sacramento City Animal Care and Regulation officers were called to the home two days later, they found Lovely barely alive and infested with maggots. The officers rushed her to a local clinic, where the dog was euthanized.

“Under the law, owners are not allowed to ignore the suffering of their animals, even when euthanasia is the only option to end excruciating suffering and death,” wrote Deputy DA Hilary Bagley Franzoia.

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