Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'916 Hoes' Facebook page targets underage girls - News10.net

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Facebook page that was set up to expose and degrade people in the Sacramento area is now blocked from posting for a week. The creators of "916 Hoes" posted photos, personal information and derogatory remarks about men, women and underage girls.

"What concerns me the most is the fact that somebody went through the trouble to try to basically ruin and humiliate me," said Mariela Ramirez who was a victim of the page.

Ramirez, 19, does not know who gave out her personal information. The post on "916 Hoes" included two photos and her phone number.

The photos came from Ramirez's personal Facebook page. They were taken nearly five years ago -- when she was underage -- and were never meant to be provocative. In one photo, Ramirez was doing a back-hand spring - at the time she was a gymnastics coach.

Since the post, at least 14 people have contacted Ramirez through text message and others are leaving voicemails.

"The first thing that came into my mind was if I knew who it was I would want to pound their head on the ground. I know that sounds really bad but that's how I felt because I was furious," said Ramirez.

On the "916 Hoes" page, there are photos of women in Del Paso Heights, Roseville and Sacramento -- some even appear sexually suggestive.

The creators of "916 Hoes" made nearly 50 posts on Monday in five hours. More than 3,000 people "like" the page on Facebook.

The creators set up an email address and text message so people can send photos. Once the creators receive the information they post it on Facebook with quotations.

In one message, the creators even posted screen shots of a conversation with a parent.  The woman reported the page after her daughter's photo was posted; the creator responded with a snide remark.

Ramirez flagged the post to alert Facebook -- she considers this cyber-bullying and harassment.

"I hope this person gets caught and they get in a lot of trouble and have to go through our court systems because that's ridiculous -- to get a 14-year-old girl's picture and exploit her to the world like that. That's not ok," said Ramirez.

News10 spoke with one of the creators through a Facebook message but he or she did not want to do an interview.


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