Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sacramento man arrested in double-fatal crash - KCRA Sacramento

South Watt crash

(Aug. 30, 2012)

Mike TeSelle/KCRA
South Watt crash

(Aug. 30, 2012)

Mike TeSelle/KCRA

A 26-year-old man has been arrested after two people died in a head-on crash along South Watt Avenue early Thursday. 

Raman Deep Gill, 26, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence and gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, the California Highway Patrol said.

Gill was driving a Mercedes northbound on South Watt Avenue when he crossed into the southbound lane and hit a Toyota Corolla, CHP officials said.

A man and woman in the Corolla died at the scene and two others in the car remain in critical condition.

CHP told KCRA that the victims were between 30 and 40 years old. 

An earlier report from officials said that three victims died in the crash, but CHP officials later said that report was inaccurate and confirmed two people were dead.

"We are still trying to determine who the victims are," said Scott Baland, a CHP sergeant.

Baland pointed out that the wreck happened within 50 feet of a white cross -- and flowers marked the spot of another recent deadly crash.

"Any time you have cars driving at normal speeds of 45 or higher, on a two-lane road like this, all it takes is one slight movement and you have a bad accident," Baland said. "This is a dangerous roadway."

CHP said Gill, who suffered minor injuries, had a prior driving under the influence conviction in 2010. 

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