Saturday, August 25, 2012

Medical Marijuana Thefts on the Rise - KTXL


Over the years, thieves have smashed through pharmacy doors to get at the Oxycontin others need to survive their pain.

More and more criminals are going to violent lengths to steal another medicine - marijuana.

At a Hilmar home Friday morning, Merced County Sheriff's deputies say some crooks stealing prescribed pot went so far as to pose as narcs, using guns and handcuffs.

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Under the cover of darkness, robbers attacked in Sacramento, kicking in the door of a home at 53rd and 75th Streets.

"There were young children on scene.  You can imagine how traumatic it would be for young children and their family being held at gunpoint,” said Officer Doug Morse, with the Sacramento Police Department.

Luckily no one was injured early Friday morning, but the robbers did get away with some plants from the family's backyard medical marijuana grow.

At a pot bust in Modesto on Claus Road, police say they found more than 300 plants growing in rows along with some hang-drying in preparation for harvest.

At first, that amount may send up a red flag.  That much can't be for personal use, right?

The answer is just not that simple.

"Right now per the prescription, it's whatever amount is reasonable for the condition that the patient has,” said Morse.

What's reasonable is left for law enforcement to determine.

Modesto cops say it's clear to them they were dealing with an illegal operation.

But, folks at the home had paperwork posted for a medicinal grow.

The people listed were not at the house, but a situation like that can be legal if the pot's being grown as part of a co-op or collective.

"Often times it does pose more of a challenge when we respond on scene because the lines aren't clear of what's legal and what's not,” said Morse.

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