Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home Invasions Rising, Marijuana Grows Targeted - KTXL


Home invasion robberies are on the rise, and cops say those suspects are after one specific thing.

“Most of that, this year, has been associated with marijuana,” Sacramento Sheriff’s Lt. R.L. Davis said.

At least a dozen have happened so far this year â€" and that’s not counting the robberies that go unreported by those growing marijuana illegally.

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“People will find out that these guys have an indoor grow, wait ‘til it’s harvest season and go in and rob them at gunpoint,” said Jackie Long, retired commander of the Amador County Drug Task Force.

A resident in a South Sacramento home says they have an agreement with a medical marijuana dispensary to grow cannabis. But they are always fearful of being targeted by robbers.

And cops fear there will be more violence with harvest season at its peak through November.

They believe the closure of many dispensaries has a direct effect on the amount of cultivation that’s taking place in and around private homes.

“They’re looking for other sources and so it’s put this underground , and in doing so, we’ve seen a lot more criminal activity and involving the robbery of these places,” Long said.

He believes poorly written laws surrounding medicinal use of marijuana enables doctors to give the go-ahead for card holders to grow mass amounts of weed.

“Doctors can recommend somebody grow up to 99 plants in their home,” Long added. “There’s no medical need for that.”

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